The Big One Hundred

Ground control to Captain Tom,
I hope you’ve got your glasses on.
What you’ve done is just amazing
And so very profile raising,
Yorkshire’s latest greatest favourite son.

Ground control to Colonel Tom
A hundred years, and now your number one!
You’ll never walk alone,
Through the courage that you’ve shown,
We’re so inspired, by what you’ve gone and done.

Happy 100th Birthday Sir!

Being Here

Racing blindly round the bend,
Jumping forward to the end,
Skimming over boring text,
Chasing after what comes next.

The fresh allure of pastures new,
Promising a better view,
The greener grass, not far away,
Inviting us to come and stay.

We never look before we leap,
Landing somewhere way too deep,
Fast-forwarding to what comes next,
Missing out on life’s subtext.

Life shouldn’t be a constant race,
Let’s vote today for slower pace,
And take some time to figure out,
What being here is all about.

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