Back to work day

My last day on furlough,
So, with trepidation,
I pack my computer
Then head for the station.

These one hundred days
At home, in the garden,
With chocolate and wine
As my arteries harden.

Mixed feelings have I
Of this time spent at home,
My journeys restricted
To dreaming alone.

Back in the real world,
Where all things will change,
I nervously view this
As frighteningly strange.

We must all move forward,
I’m forced to admit,
But I rather liked furlough,
At least, most of it.

The New Normal

One metre plus,
Plus what? you may ask,
Well, extra hand washing
And wearing your mask.

Three feet in old money,
Plus two or three inches,
So tighten your mask
Round your nose till it pinches.

These big plastic screens
Are become the norm,
When you visit the pub
Go online for a form!

Whilst outside looks fine
For your own entertaining,
You best stay at home
If it looks like it’s raining.

Don’t face any strangers,
Their droplets may travel,
So keep at right angles
As guidelines unravel.

And don’t burst your bubbles,
This spreading must stop.
Six mates is best,
Or your bubble may pop.

At first we all thought,
This would soon go away,
But it looks like “new normal”
Is now here to stay.

Garden Party Invitation

We’re having a party!
Here are the plans,
Please bring a towel
For washing your hands.

We will be outside,
But you can use the loo,
Just don’t touch the woodwork,
Or door handles too.

No hugging or kissing,
You’re not in my bubble,
But if you get desperate,
There’s cushions to cuddle.

We’ll sit well apart,
I don’t mean to be rude,
But it’s probably safer
To bring your own food.

Typical, isn’t it?
Sunshine for weeks,
But now we can meet up,
It’s raining in sheets.

Still, this is progress,
And I’m longing to see,
My nearest and dearest
Up close in 3D.

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