Being Here

Racing blindly round the bend,
Jumping forward to the end,
Skimming over boring text,
Chasing after what comes next.

The fresh allure of pastures new,
Promising a better view,
The greener grass, not far away,
Inviting us to come and stay.

We never look before we leap,
Landing somewhere way too deep,
Fast-forwarding to what comes next,
Missing out on life’s subtext.

Life shouldn’t be a constant race,
Let’s vote today for slower pace,
And take some time to figure out,
What being here is all about.

The Resolution

New Year, New You,
is what they say.
A chance to start anew,
making huge improvements
is what I plan to do.

There’s drinking lots more water,
going to a gym,
eating balanced food groups,
and hydrating the skin.

Watching where the money goes,
and putting some away,
then building up the savings
for a future rainy day.

There’s trying to be nicer
to folk who drive me mad,
and being optimistic
when things are looking bad.

Also I will volunteer,
for something that’s worthwhile,
and separate my plastics
to go that extra mile.

Wow, that reads like quite a list,
I’m filling up with doubt
I didn’t think I was that bad
but now I’m freaking out.

I’ll start with drinking water,
to get me into gear,
Then look at all the other tasks
this time again next year.    

The Body

The Body woke this morning
And Hand said to The Brain,
“I’ve had enough of being here
I’d rather not remain”.

The Arms then both went crazy,
Folded in disgust,
They fell out with each other,
The Body lost all trust.

The Brain called an election,
The result was such a riddle,
Half will go, half will stay,
Cut right down the middle!

Eyes would not look at The Ears,
And let their eyelids close,
The Head became a sticky mess,
No Hands to blow its nose.

The Shoulders were unhappy,
Carrying that weight,
Tummy kept on grumbling,
And Ears could not relate.

Hands refused to work with Legs,
Knees refused to bend,
The Body was in turmoil, and just
Lay there in the end.

The moral of this sordid tale,
Is recognise you’re part
Of a bigger situation,
And respect that from the start.

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