The Soller Train

On the Island of Mallorca,
There’s this perfect little train
That takes you out of Palma,
And then brings you back again.

Through the Tramuntana mountains
To the famous Soller bay,
It’s a marvellous adventure
For an hour or so each way.

Those polished shiny carriages
Attracting admiration,
From the tourists as they take a seat
For their perambulation.

And then we’re off! Through Palma’s streets
Trundling past the cars
Waving at the locals
Sat outside the Tapas bars.

At first it’s rather urban,
Passing factories and yards,
There’s little indication of the
Wonders on the cards.

But as we pass the picnic grounds,
The landscape starts to change,
Almond trees and a fresher breeze,
Blows down the mountain range.

In the village of Bunyola,
The train slows to a stop,
For here, a hundred years ago
They’d load their market crop.

Then we’re into darkness,
As a tunnel greets the train,
Black as night, then approaching light,
Then sunshine once again.

We stop again, just for the view,
High above the bay,
The driver has a cigarette,
And then we’re on our way.

Now the train is getting faster,
Rolling down the mountain side
We switchback in a tunnel,
Like a rollercoaster ride.

Past the backs of houses,
With their orange groves and vines,
And down into the station,
Past the locomotion lines.

So now the journey’s over,
But our memories remain,
Of clear blue skies and mountain highs
Onboard this little train.

And one day soon, I promise you,
We’ll board an aeroplane,
Then come back to Mallorca
and we’ll do this all again.

Watch a video of this poem here.

My Secret Garden

In my dreams I have a garden,
Filled with scented flowers
With fountains and a waterfall,
Where I can sit for hours.

Sunny glades and grottos
That inspire me every day,
A beautiful enormous lawn,
Where children come and play.

Yet sadly, this is just a dream,
No garden do I own,
My home is in a block of flats,
I live here all alone.

But then I had this cunning plan,
And please, I ask, don’t laugh,
I’ve built my own small garden
In the bathroom, in my bath.

I ordered in the compost,
And filled it to the brim
Then planted four geraniums,
And popped a palm tree in.

I added water features
By connecting up the taps,
Into a kitchen colander
With pebbles in the gaps.

I’ve left the plug hole open,
So the water drains away,
And used the shower fixture,
so it rains a bit each day.

And Oh, I cannot tell you,
What a picture! What a view,
There’s nothing else quite like it
When I’m sitting on the loo.

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