A Tale of Midsummer

Midsummer’s Eve,
In the strangest of years.
When nightmarish creatures
Became our worst fears.

Threatened by demons,
Who flew through the air,
Locked in our towers
And filled with despair

We trusted our kingdom
To do the right thing
But nervously worried
Of what that might bring.

We missed all the magic
Of friends in hard times,
When sharing a hug became
One of life’s crimes.

We clapped for the Carers,
Our own fairy folk,
Whilst damming the asses,
Who thought it a joke.

Gargoyles and pixies were
Flouting the rules,
As darkness descended
On all of our schools.

What a tale we will tell,
On next Midsummer’s Eve,
Of this time in our lives
We can hardly believe.

Herd Mentality

“Two wrongs, they do not make a right!”
My grandma used to say,
I think that this is good advice
For all of us today.

Just because there’s someone else,
Out there breaking rules,
Doesn’t mean it’s safer
For us all to act like fools.

Let’s not act like lemmings,
Who just follow everyone,
But show some social common sense
And switch our brains back on.


Locked down, locked in.
Taking it nervously, on the chin.
Home, whilst others work so hard,
Feeling guilty in my yard.
Who am I, I ask myself,
Left isolated on the shelf?
Keeping busy every day,
Yet worries do not go away.
Suddenly, or so it seems,
I’m not needed in the teams.
I know I shouldn’t feel this way,
When others have to work all day.
But honestly, nowhere to go,
My life is now one long furlough.

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