Why am I here?

“Why are we here?”
asked the bright little girl,
“what is the meaning of life?”
The man thought for a moment,
and raised an eyebrow,
then turned, and looked at his wife.

“You’re here thanks to love”,
said the lady to her,
“and your life will be what you will make”.
“But WHY am I here”,
insisted the girl,
“what’s my PURPOSE for goodness sake?”

“There is not a point,
not a reason as such,
you take life and use it your way.
You will decide,
how you want to abide,
and how you will live every day”.

“If you want our advice”,
she said, being nice,
“I suggest that you live through your heart.
Be clever, be kind,
Make the most of your mind,
That sounds like a great place to start”.

The Fall 2 – The Rise

Being the continuing adventures of Leaf in “The Fall”

Leaf trembled in the icy blast,
Twisting wildly round,
The only leaf left on the tree,
The others, on the ground.

He’d lived though all four seasons,
But knew his time had come,
The wind would surely take him,
And compost he’d become.

Then howling wind leapt from the east,
And SNAP he felt it go,
Suddenly he’s floating,
Caught in wind and snow.

High he flies, the tiny leaf,
Spinning round and round
Swirling past a steeple,
And down across the ground.

Round and round the roundabout,
Then over a street light,
Like a crazy fairground ride,
That goes on through the night.

He swirled into a market square,
Then swooped beneath a gate
And stopped outside the smart back door
Of Church lane, number 8

“Look this one is perfect!”
Cried the giant looking down,
She picked him up, “this one is just,
The perfect shade of brown”.

So now, leaf shines there proudly,
In a front-door Christmas wreath,
All golden, and with glitter on,
And two big balls beneath.


That magic feeling,
When he slams it in the net,
The opposition reeling,
His best performance yet.

Schooled in fancy footwork,
Rather than exams,
No aptitude for bookwork,
But full of massive plans.

“You never will amount to much”
They used to say in class,
And yet he had the golden touch,
In playgrounds or on grass.

From back streets to the stadium,
A jedi with the ball,
I guess it turned out that he had
The best results of all.

Dino Chick

There’s a T.Rex standing there,
Looking very scary,
Like some monster-sized nightmare

But what’s this coming round the bend?
A chicken on the run,
Someone needs to warn her,
She’ll be gobbled up in one!

The chicken stops dead in her tracks
They eyeball one another,
The T.Rex takes a small step back,
They’re transfixed by each other.

No one moves, no one breathes,
Just the sound of rustling leaves,
Far away a jungle cry,
I’m sure he’ll pounce, that chick will die.

But chicken doesn’t seem to care,
She eyes him up and down,
Then lets out an almighty SCREECH!
And stamps hard on the ground.

The T.Rex looks as if he’s stunned,
He turns and plods away,
Thinking as he’s heading off,
What did he see today?

It only goes to show you,
That size can be misleading,
Especially if you’re hungry and
A chicken who needs feeding!


Lurking in the deepest seas,
Around the British Isles,
Hides a giant killer crab,
Who once starred on “X files”.

It swims up just below your feet,
Then grabs them with its claws,
And pulls you deep beneath the waves,
Like something out of “Jaws”.

CRAB-O-LOSSUS is its name,
With claws as big as cars,
The locals think It’s not from here,
It’s possibly from Mars.

Many harbour fisherman,
Have tried to kill the beast,
Boasting what a meal they’d make,
A massive crab meat feast!

But so far, everyone has failed,
To bring the beast to shore
The Mayor put up a big reward,
Ten thousand quid or more.

At least three hundred swimmers
Have been pulled beneath the waves
And bits of their anatomy,
Turned up in local caves.

The tourist season looked quite bleak,
No swimmers in the seas,
The cafes and the pier shows closed,
No more nice cream teas.

Then little nipper, Timmy Boyd,
A young, but clever chap,
Took a boat out late at night,
And set up a crab trap.

He caught the killer creature,
Then slammed shut his trap doors,
And knocked it out with such a blow
From one of his boat oars.

Now they keep it in a tank,
For all the world to view,
And tourists have been flocking back,
To pay to see it too.

The moral of this story,
Is take your deepest fears,
And capture them, or knock them out,
Then dine on them for years.

River Cycle

Above the highest mountain,
The storm clouds are all spent,
And rain drops gather in the lake
To start the long descent.

The waters reach their tipping point,
Their off! They are released,
Pouring down the mountain side,
The power now unleashed.

Rocks are tossed out of the way,
To form a river bed,
Racing ever downwards,
As the edges start to spread.

They slither into villages,
And laps against our walls,
jumping over stepping stones
creating waterfalls.

Resting in the village pond,
Half way through the race,
Warming in the sunshine, before
Picking up the pace.

Flowing through a lovely view,
Some water creeps away,
Captured by our reservoirs,
Saved for another day.

But then, at last, a coastal view,
The sea within their reach,
They dive under the promenade,
And head off down the beach.

Here the river meets the sea,
But no rest for the rain,
The clouds soak up the water drops
To start off once again.

The Dragon’s Tooth

A dragon with a toothache,
Is a most alarming sight,
Especially if he got it from a
Battle with a Knight

A jousting knight had challenged him,
And caught him with his lance,
Then galloped off in victory,
Without a second glance.

So now poor dragon sits alone,
Sobbing in his claws,
“I need to get this sore tooth out”
And rubs his swollen jaws.

He puts a chain around his tooth,
Then takes the other end,
And hooks it on a railway train,
Coming round the bend.

As the train goes speeding past,
Yank! The chain goes tight,
The tooth flies out, and through the air,
Then whizzes out of sight.

A dragon’s tooth is worth a bit,
With hidden magic powers,
Even after being dragged,
Behind a train for hours.

So out on your adventures,
In the countryside this year,
Look out for a dragon’s tooth,
One may be very near.

Bedtime Poem

I know just what you’re thinking,
It can’t be bedtime yet,
But actually, as you can see,
It is. Get over it.

Snuggle down, get comfy,
Is your pillow straight?
Have you left your socks on?
Come on, it’s getting late.

Let’s drift off to the land of nod,
Although it sounds quite boring,
Not a place to party at,
With everyone just snoring.

And actually “The Sandman”,
Always worried me a bit,
I preferred Peter Pan,
Now I think of it.

Either way, I have to say,
It’s time to go to sleep,
Please ignore my ramblings,
Forget this Sandman creep.

Close your eyes, make flutterbys,
Practise some more yawning.
Pleasant dreams my special one,
and see you in the morning.

The Invasion

One dark and stormy Thursday,
In the middle of the night,
I was woken early,
By a strong pulsating light.

A space rocket had landed,
In the back, behind our shed,
They didn’t really come in peace,
They came with guns instead.

Within a year, the robots ruled,
Humans were just trash,
Last in line, no room, no time,
Forgotten in a flash.

Then they went and killed the guy
Who charged them up at night
They all went flat, well fancy that,
No robots left to fight.

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