2020 Vision

I think we can see clearly now,
With 20:20 vision,
This year did not shape up too well,
Our progress hit remission.

Virus! Economic strain!
It’s been a real stinker,
And makes you wonder what comes next,
Heading into winter.

Still, there were some positives,
We recognised the truth,
The NHS is brilliant,
And we’re the living proof!

To all those medics saving lives.
The doctors, carers, nurses;
I’d like to send my heartfelt thanks
Within these rhyming verses.

Blanket Coverage

A rhyme is like a comfort blanket,
Safe and soft and warm,
Wrapped around you like a dream,
Whilst verses slowly form.

A way back into childhood,
When lives were less involved,
When everything fell into place,
And cadences resolved.

In our complicated lives,
We need to find some time,
To snuggle up in poetry
And lie back in a rhyme

Blinking Facemasks

Excuse me,
But I have to ask,
Are you smiling
Beneath your mask?

It’s hard to tell
Just what you’re thinking,
So how about we
Smile by blinking?

A little blink,
Plus a raised eyebrow
Means “hello mate
How are you now?”

A longer blink
Or maybe two,
Could mean “I have
Missed seeing you”.

Three short blinks,
And a little bow,
Gives a courteous smile
That’s quite highbrow.

But don’t mix up
A happy blink
With a furtive
Cheeky wink.

For winking
At a complete stranger
Could generate
Some blinking danger.

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