Gardener’s Question Time

 Dear Gardening Expert (Q&A), 

It seems my tomatoes are not turning red,
They’re big and they’re green, and they’re constantly fed, 
I’m fed up quite frankly, 
I’ve done all I can, 
I’ll chop ‘em for chutney, and eat them with ham.

And whilst on the subject, of what doesn’t grow, 
I failed with my beetroot and that was a blow, 
I spaced them out well, 
Gave them special attention, 
But now all their growth has gone into suspension. 

Dear Worried Gardener (response), 

Some we will win, and some we will lose, 
Life can be like that, we can’t always choose
Be patient, be honest
And watch your hopes grow, 
For then you will reap what you lovingly sow.

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