A Child of Rolling Stock

Down the North Bay, here in Scarborough,
There’s a treasured little train
That takes you out to Scalby Mills,
Then brings you back again

Steam and diesel engines,
Run upon a narrow gauge,
Evoking golden memories of
A bygone railway age.

For 90 years, these little trains,
Have run round Peasholm Park,
Under bridges, into tunnels
steaming through the dark.

Round the backstage areas
Of Scarborough’s Outdoor Stage,
We clatter past the wildlife pond
Upon our narrow gauge.

Then down towards the beach huts
spreading out along the bay,
Where a Mr Whippy Ice Cream cone
Is never far away.

Tooting past the golf course,
The station now in view
Past the Sealife centre,
with it’s underwater zoo.

We jump out on the platform,
The train turns slowly round,
Upon a giant turntable,
Rotating on the ground.

The whistle toots, farewell it says
Thank you North Bay Train,
We wave, already knowing that we’ll
Soon be back again.

These were the engines of my dreams,
The feelings they unlock!
My wanderlust began right here
On North Bay rolling stock

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