Never Say Never Again

Never again must we take it for granted;
Our freedom to go where we please.
To walk down a street,
Hug our friends when we meet,
Without fear of contracting disease.

Never again should we skip a friend’s party,
Or make an excuse to stay home,
For those smiles and that laughter,
Are now so sought after,
As life now seems dull monochrome.

Will we ever again hear our grandchildren’s laughter?
Their eyes lit up bright with delight,
When they come round for tea,
And they sit on your knee,
Playing I spy or scrabble all night.

Or that thrill in the moment, the packed concert hall
When the band on the stage starts to play,
The swell in the crowd,
Cheering out loud,
Will we ever return to that way?

Yes we will, yes we will, For our smiles will return
There’s hope in the future, my friend,
So start making plans,
Whilst you’ve time on your hands,
For patience will win in the end.

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