The Box Set

He lived inside a box set
His life played out on screen,
Whilst a small discerning audience
Watched every single scene.

Series one was hopeful,
The cast were young and bold,
The energy was palpable,
The acting solid gold.

Series two, a shocker,
With twists around the plot,
Masked marauders joined the fray,
He swore an awful lot.

Series three seemed better,
The pace was fast and slick,
Optimistic storylines,
Some notable slapstick.

Series four could be his last,
A perfect happy ending,
But then there came a cliff hanger,
Totally mind bending!
The next instalment won awards,
A thrilling series five,
But by the end he was surprised
That he was still alive.

Series six was quite low key,
He didn’t do that much,
The audience began to say
He’d lost his magic touch.

Yet series seven was his best,
Poignant and wise,
He bowed out at the end of that,
And watched his own demise.

They brought in younger actors,
To freshen up the game,
Protagonists with bright white teeth,
It didn’t feel the same.

So now he’s left the studio,
His story is complete,
And yet he loves to sit and watch
His best bits on repeat.

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