The Shepherd’s Tale

The night before the star appeared,
Wolves were our biggest fear, 
Winter’s new born lambs are weak,
They’re vulnerable up here.

The three of us stayed up all night,
And then the whole next day,
We dared not sleep at all until
The threat had gone away.

So by the time the sun went down,
On that second night,
I was dead upon my feet,
And went out like a light.

Sleeping there, beneath the stars,
I nearly missed it all,
If it hadn’t been for Joshua,
Who yanked hard on my shawl.

This fireball had filled the sky,
The earth began to shake,
A beam of light surrounded us
And I was wide awake.

The sheep just all went crazy,
And fled off up the hill,
We heard some far-off trumpets sound
Then everything went still.

Abraham was first to speak,
“Lord save us! What was that?”
Then lightning struck the ground nearby,
Three feet from where we sat.

Blinded by the sudden light,
We fell onto our knees,
As flames leapt through the midnight air
And scorched the olive trees.

Peering through my fingers,
I was terrified to see,
A golden figure glowing brightly,
Right in front of me.

I don’t remember all he said,
He spoke of joy and peace,
A child was born in Bethlehem,
Wrapped in a swaddling fleece.

He said, as we were Shepherds,
He thought we’d understand,
This child would lead the people
From the wolves the roamed the land.

We heard music in that moment,
As the Angel rose up high,
And seemed to turn into a star,
The brightest in the sky.

I often think about that night,
And what then came to pass,
Our visit to the stable, and the
Very first Christmas.

We were the very first to hear
The tidings of great joy,
It all began right on this hill
With news of a baby boy. 

And here’s an audio recording of this poem:

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