Christmas Crackered

Christmas is approaching!
Not sure of what you’ll do?
Well, join the club my festive friends
I’m in a crisis too.

Will Santa have his face mask on?
Are grotto visits off?
What if all the carol singers
Catch a nasty cough?

After years of planning,
For that special Christmas day,
This year is looking hopeless,
With my plans in disarray.

Should we swap our Christmas lunch
For hot soup in a cup?
But what if plans change suddenly
And everyone turns up?

Pulling crackers will be off,
Unless they’re six feet long,
And meeting friends on Christmas Eve
Will be a right ding-dong

And don’t hang up the mistletoe,
That’s asking for some trouble,
The Government has made it clear,
Don’t kiss outside your bubble!

School plays have been rearranged,
Nativities on Zoom!
Broadcast on the internet
Into your living room.

Christmas may be odd this year,
Traditions put on hold,
But at its heart, it still remains
The Greatest Story told.

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