I Should be..

I should be on my holidays,
I should be by the sea.
I should be out sunbathing,
That’s where I now should be.

I should be choosing where to eat
As the sun goes down,
I should be putting on my shoes
And heading into town.

I should be dancing on the beach
With sangria in hand,
Then going for an evening swim
And listening to a band.

I should be doing all these things,
I should be, so should you!
Instead we’re grounded here at home,
Deciding what to do.

I could be putting up that shelf,
Or learning something new,
I could be in the garden, as there’s
So much there to do.

Instead, I’m on the ipad,
And I’m checking on the flights,
For when all this is over,
We’re away for 14 nights.

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