Inside Out

There was a boy with skin so blue,
As blue as sunny sky,
He turned up in our village,
And startled passers-by.

They’d not seen someone with blue skin,
Unsure of what to think,
He’s not like us, they whispered,
We’re used to brown and pink.

He had a truly awful time
At the local school,
People called him smurf-face
And thought him most uncool

Every night he cried at home,
And hated going out,
He did not feel secure at all,
When he walked about.

But then a kindly teacher,
A certain Mr Quinn,
Started asking questions,
About his coloured skin.

Tell me why it matters?
He asked the local folk,
Just because he’s different
You treat him like a joke.

You villagers have problems,
You can’t see past his face,
He’s still a human being
Your reaction’s a disgrace.

A wiser person judges people
From the inside out,
Start by looking at their heart,
To see what they’re about.

You must not judge a person
Just because they’re blue,
It’s what’s inside that really counts,
That should mean more to you.

A person may be pure and kind
Or rotten to the core,
But you just can’t judge a person
By their colour any more.

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