A Plastic Poem

When man discovered fire,
Or woman, (either one),
It must have been so brilliant
To see what they had done.

Lighting caves up in the night,
Heating up a pot,
But then the people all found out
That it can get real hot.

Fire burns, and it can kill,
We have to use with care,
Everybody understands.
We’re “fire-safe aware”.

Then we discovered plastic,
Which does fantastic things,
But now we‘ve come to realise
the damage that it brings.

Use it once, it stays around,
Messing up our seas,
It’s got inside the food chain now,
We’re eating plastic peas!

Plastic can be useful,
And does impressive stuff,
But honestly, It seems to me
It’s time to say “enough”

Just like fire, treat with care,
Use it when you must,
But try to cut your usage down
Or live with Killer Dust.

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