Royal Wedding Day

Today is “Royal Wedding Day”,
Thank goodness for sun,
It wouldn’t feel the same at all,
With rain on everyone.

Windsor Castle gleaming bright
Starring in the news,
The whole town rocks with well -wishers,
Police and TV crews.

And then the guests start to arrive,
The crowds begin to cheer,
The Queen waves as she travels past,
She looks pleased to be here.

Everyone has tales to tell,
Of how they know the Prince,
Or when they met Ms Markle,
And how she’s acted since.

And now the heart of everything,
The ceremony’s here,
Everybody holds their breath,
And suddenly it’s clear…

For all the trappings, all the fizz,
And all that’s going on,
Actual it’s just two hearts,
Who want to live as one.

Lovers, be they Kings or serfs,
They make our world go round,
So everyone who is in love,
Today, should now be crowned.

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