National Walking Month!

It’s National Walking Month In May,
So best foot forward now,
It’s doesn’t matter where you go,
Just set off anyhow.

A little shuffle, or a stride,
A jog, or just a crawl,
Go walking in the month of May
It’s healthy for us all.

You see so many things on foot,
That we would surely miss,
So slip your walking shoes on now,
Straight after reading this.

Walking is the kind of thing,
That we should do each day,
About a mile, performed in style,
Is best I’ve heard them say.

Of course you may be one of those,
Who likes an epic walk,
From Land’s End up to John O’Groats,
Whilst others sit and talk.

Circular or in a line,
Or to a village inn,
It really doesn’t matter much,
Just start, make tracks, begin!


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