River Cycle

Above the highest mountain,
The storm clouds are all spent,
And rain drops gather in the lake
To start the long descent.

The waters reach their tipping point,
Their off! They are released,
Pouring down the mountain side,
The power now unleashed.

Rocks are tossed out of the way,
To form a river bed,
Racing ever downwards,
As the edges start to spread.

They slither into villages,
And laps against our walls,
jumping over stepping stones
creating waterfalls.

Resting in the village pond,
Half way through the race,
Warming in the sunshine, before
Picking up the pace.

Flowing through a lovely view,
Some water creeps away,
Captured by our reservoirs,
Saved for another day.

But then, at last, a coastal view,
The sea within their reach,
They dive under the promenade,
And head off down the beach.

Here the river meets the sea,
But no rest for the rain,
The clouds soak up the water drops
To start off once again.

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