Jet the Red

Jet, he is a squirrel,
Who comes from the red clan,
He also is the pilot of a
Large catamaran.

He navigates the port of Cowes,
On the Isle of Wight,
And back into Southampton,
Every day and night.

He has carried movie stars,
And Royalty by sea,
He’s ever ferried dinosaurs,
To Blackgang Chine for tea.

Jet lives in a sail loft,
In woods by Northwood Park,
And keeps a spyglass on his deck,
To watch ships in the dark.

He likes to go out cycling,
On the Squirrel Trail,
Electric Bikes are good, but they get
Tangled with his tail.

He runs a speedy service,
(And mostly he’s on time),
He has some great adventures,
Which we’ll soon put into rhyme.

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