The Dragon’s Tooth

A dragon with a toothache,
Is a most alarming sight,
Especially if he got it from a
Battle with a Knight

A jousting knight had challenged him,
And caught him with his lance,
Then galloped off in victory,
Without a second glance.

So now poor dragon sits alone,
Sobbing in his claws,
“I need to get this sore tooth out”
And rubs his swollen jaws.

He puts a chain around his tooth,
Then takes the other end,
And hooks it on a railway train,
Coming round the bend.

As the train goes speeding past,
Yank! The chain goes tight,
The tooth flies out, and through the air,
Then whizzes out of sight.

A dragon’s tooth is worth a bit,
With hidden magic powers,
Even after being dragged,
Behind a train for hours.

So out on your adventures,
In the countryside this year,
Look out for a dragon’s tooth,
One may be very near.

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