Bedtime Poem

I know just what you’re thinking,
It can’t be bedtime yet,
But actually, as you can see,
It is. Get over it.

Snuggle down, get comfy,
Is your pillow straight?
Have you left your socks on?
Come on, it’s getting late.

Let’s drift off to the land of nod,
Although it sounds quite boring,
Not a place to party at,
With everyone just snoring.

And actually “The Sandman”,
Always worried me a bit,
I preferred Peter Pan,
Now I think of it.

Either way, I have to say,
It’s time to go to sleep,
Please ignore my ramblings,
Forget this Sandman creep.

Close your eyes, make flutterbys,
Practise some more yawning.
Pleasant dreams my special one,
and see you in the morning.

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