The Case of the Whitehall Mews

“Stolen Secret Papers”,
Shrieked the Secretary of State,
”Call Pussykins the Spy Cat,
We’ve a cat to activate”.

She was curled up in a chair,
Recalling, in her mind,
The time she thwarted Golden Paws,
Saving Feline Kind.

“Look” said the Prime Minister,
“We don’t care what it costs,
Just get these secret papers back,
Or everything is lost”.

First she flew to Russia,
To meet The Moscow Cat,
Soft me-ows to passing cows,
And other stuff like that.

She went 1st class to old Bagdad,
And saw an Arab King,
In Rome she chilled out with the Pope,
But seemed to do nothing.

Then back in London one dark night,
A chase through parliament,
She forced a Whitehall cat to say,
He’d done it, and repent.

The Government was most relieved,
To have their secrets back,
And PK got her own reward,
A prawn and salmon snack.

A spy cat’s job is pretty tough,
But always turns out fine,
So Pussykins can now relax,
Until that is, next time.

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