Our Easter Walk

Easter, that means ‘Easter Walks’ in the pouring rain,
No matter what the weather says, every year’s the same.
Yesterday was sunny, not a cloud in view,
But now it’s thunder, lightning, rain, with fog and strong winds too.

You’d think that we would cancel it but mum and dad say “NO”,
We pack our lunches, extra socks, and Easter eggs and go.
We drive into the countryside, to some deserted spot,
With mountains all around us, the land that time forgot.

Lunch is eaten by a wall that feels like the North Pole,
The rain keeps beating on my head, and on my sausage roll.
Halfway up the mountain side, my sister needs a wee,
Dad shouts out from up ahead, “Go behind a tree”.

Little sister gets her foot stuck in a rabbit hole,
Then trips and falls into the stream, soaked from head to toe.
“Good one sis” I say to her, “Now can we all go home?”
But dad says, “race you to the top”, and sets off all alone.

Now we’re walking in thick mist, and then it starts to snow,
My dad appears to look confused, not sure which way to go.
“Oh No, we’re going to die up here”, I kick up quite a stink,
“Be quiet now”, my mother says, “and let your father think”.

“I think I see a light ahead”, dad whispers in the dark,
Turns out it’s a mini bus, we’re back in the car park.
Eventually we make it home, half dead on our legs,
We sit beside a roaring fire and eat our Easter eggs.

I wasn’t always happy on those soggy walking days,
But now, when I think back on them, they were great holidays.

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