Steephill Cove

Take the path to Steephill Cove,
A treasured, special place.
I grew up here on summer hols,
It’s an amazing space.

Bill the Donkey lived just here,
Behind the toilet shack,
Chewing on a clump of thistles,
Sunshine on his back.

You’ll find a cottage on the beach,
With a roof of thatch,
And brightly painted huts and sheds,
But none that ever match.

The Beach Shack is the place to be,
Beneath a bamboo roof,
Also with detaching walls,
To keep you waterproof.

Andy, in his cowboy hat,
Has run the place for years,
Serving bowls of lobster soup,
with coffees, wines and beers.

They used to have a painted wall,
Of mermaids out at sea,
But now it’s just a brilliant white
And feels like Tuscany.

The beach shop by the Kayak house,
Sells trinkets from the seas,
As local children make wristbands
To sell to families.

So if you’re in the Isle of Wight,
And have some time to spare,
Take the path to Steephill Cove
And chill out when you’re there.

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