Our Tip Trip

Today we’re on a new adventure
At our smart Recycling Centre,
Dad drives up and joins the queue,
Lot’s of others came here too!
An hour later we get in,
And park right by a wheelie bin,
The manager says “You can’t stop there”
But Dad looks like he doesn’t care.

First we’re at the bottle bank,
My favourite place, although it stank.
I love to push glass bottles in,
And hear the smashing sounds within.
“That’s enough!” my mother shouts,
Whilst holding mouldy brussel sprouts,
“Or else you’ll have these for your tea”
I think that she was teasing me.

The manager leans right in to say
“The stuff some people throw away,
Computer games wrapped in a rag,
False teeth in a plastic bag”.
We go to where the plastic’s stored,
They’ve got a most impressive hoard,
Plastic bottles stacked up high,
Just used once, then left to die.

I never really thought that much,
About our planet Earth, as such,
But in a small, and helpful way,
I will recycle every day.

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