The Ice Cream Diet

We’re talking to the ice cream man,
He’s just come round our way,
I’m keen to eat my Lemon Crunch,
Before it melts away.

Mondays are Cornetto days,
Tuesdays, extra sauce,
Wednesdays, Mm it’s chocolate chip,
With toffee bits of course.

Thursday is marshmallow day,
And all of them are mine,
When Friday evening comes around,
A great big “99”.

I’ve eaten all the Fruity-Pops,
Mango, lemon, lime,
And now I only eat ice cream,
For every meal, each time.

Oh dear, I feel a bit unwell,
I’m green as garden peas,
My legs have gone all shakey,
I’m crawling on my knees.

Mr Boles, the ice cream man,
He looks at me and says,
“Everything in moderation,
is the golden phrase”.

My ice cream diet wasn’t good,
It really had to end.
A little bit of what you like,
Works better in the end.

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