Let’s Visit England

Oh, let’s visit England,
To have tea, and scones and jams,
That lush inviting countryside,
Those cows, and sheep and lambs.

The wild and rugged coastline,
With hidden coves and bays,
Golden sands, and ice cream stands,
And warmer summer days.

Cities old as time itself,
With ancient city walls,
Newly covered in plate glass,
With funky bars and stalls.

Paths for walking by the sea,
Or through the hills and dales,
Cycle Paths, and Roman baths,
And January Sales.

And then we’ll head to London Town,
To try and spot the Queen,
Then maybe try the London Eye,
And dine out in between.

Those castles, gardens, stately homes,
Well, I’m your biggest fan.
There’s nowhere quite like England now,
Let’s visit whilst we can!

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