The Troll beneath the bridge

I saw a smelly, wicked Troll,
Beneath a bridge, no lie,
Texting with his slimy hands
To make the children cry.

He smiled at their discomfort,
As he posted up “fake news”,
His videos were even worse,
With loads of You Tube views.

“If you please..” I shouted,
I must have looked so scared,
“Just you stop it Mr Troll”
Loudly, to be heard.

The Troll put down his smart phone,
And fixed a look at me,
“Buzz off Kid, I’m busy here,
Go and let me be”.

He opened up his laptop,
“I like things as they are.
Writing wicked stuff online,
Has made me quite a star.

“Look”, I said, “those hurting words,
The damage that they do,
Why not use your people skills
To help the people too.

You could become a bigger star,
By telling funny jokes,
Paid to make the people laugh
And loved by all the folks

The Troll looked up and thought a bit,
“Hmm Do you think I could?
I might be good upon the stage,
Yes I think I would”.

So now he’s on our TV screens,
No longer as a troll,
As famous a celebrity,
As you will ever know.

It’s hard to now imagine,
What a Troll he used to be,
I wonder if he ever thinks,
Of when he bullied me.



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