Catgut Karl (Episode 3)

One wild and stormy evening,
In a hot and sticky June,
Pussykins was running fast
Beneath a hard grey moon.

Chasing her was Catgut Karl,
A nasty piece of stuff,
Gaining too, and getting closer,
Things were looking rough.

PK leapt a brickyard wall,
And darted for the roof,
Catgut Karl followed her,
But slipped and broke a tooth,

Dazed, and livid, then he pulled
A crossbow from his coat
“I’ve got you now” he quietly hissed,
And aimed at PK’s throat.

But then at last, Shaun the Prawn,
Came screeching into view
On his bright red motorbike,
So PK jumped on too.

A prawn that can do wheelies,
Is a fine impressive sight,
They drove right over Catgut’s nose,
And zoomed off in the night.

When PK reached her secret base,
She thought they would be fine,
How wrong they were, as you shall see,
I’ll tell you more next time.


To be continued …

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