Pussykins & GoldenPaws

Pussykins the Spy Cat,
Just in case you missed her,
Is a sneaky peaky pussy cat,
Who works for the Prime Minister.

She once was on a dreadful case,
With nervous Shaun the Prawn,
Hunting down old GoldenPaws,
All through the night, till dawn.

They made it to his hideaway,
A snowy mountain side,
And got him in a cable car
All paws were quickly tied.

Some say she likes her morning milk,
Shaken but not stirred,
And keeps her claws especially sharp,
Her motto, “be prepared”.

Pussykins was nearly toast,
In a Chip Shop fryer
When she captured Catgut Karl,
Escaping through the fire.

She keeps a little microphone,
Strapped behind her ear,
And bugged the halls of Washington,
So the Queen could hear.

You’ll find her often sitting,
On the top of some old fence,
Looking like she’s half asleep
But that is just pretence.

She’s watching mouse manoeuvres,
Or signalling her base,
Getting new instructions,
For her next exciting case.

She’s had some great adventures,
And there are lots to tell,
So If I start to write them down,
I’ll let you know as well.

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