Painting Pictures in the Sky

If we all turn off the lights,
What then will we see?
Is there just a load of darkness
Staring back at me?

No! A million, zillion stars,
Are shining in the sky,
You can pick out shapes between them,
Using your mind’s eye.

Can you see Orion’s belt?
Well why not make your own?
A bear, a chair, some underwear,
Perhaps a wishing bone?

First you focus on the stars,
And then the space between,
So in the corner of your eye,
The pictures can be seen.

Your mind will then fill in the blanks
And try to recognise,
A hidden shape, or path, or word
And send it to your eyes.

Paint your pictures in the sky
And you will always be
A person who has big ideas,
And draws them carefully.

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