My Superhero Mum

I know a magic Mummy,
Who has super human skills,
She’s a real Wonder Woman,
Or a Batman, but with frills.

She flies about the place all day,
and never rests at night,
No one else can beat her,
When she’s breaking up a fight.

She has a way of seeing you,
with her X ray eyes,
And knowing when you tell the truth,
and when you’re telling lies.

She’s always there to win with love,
Defender of your pride,
She’s totally invincible,
And always by your side.

But most of all, when things get tough,
She‘ll rebuild half the World,
And never run away from you,
As life around you swirls.

I’m thankful for the magic,
For everything she’s done,
And every time she’s saved my skin,
My Superhero Mum!

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