Look Here Mr Sunshine

The Sun gets up each morning,
And climbs into the sky.
He heads to bed each evening,
As the Moon comes floating by.

And so it is, and always was,
Until one fateful day,
When the Sun got up one morning,
and the Moon was in the way.

Excuse me”, said the Sunshine,
“Can we have a chat?
I hate to say, you’re in my way,
You know, we can’t have that”.

Look here Mr Sunshine”,
The Moon began to say,
I’ve got the right to be here,
every single day”.

“Well that just cannot happen!”
Said the Sun, now quite alarmed,
“We can’t just whizz around the sky,
someone will get harmed”.

“I go first” began the Moon,
“No, me” replied the Sun,
And pretty soon a fight broke out,
Upsetting everyone.

The Sun and Moon refused to shine,
And both went skulking off,
The land was plunged in darkness,
Summertime was off.

After almost seven weeks,
Folk had seen enough,
“The Sun and Moon must both be friends
 It’s time that we got tough”.

The Sun was told he must invite,
The Moon round for her tea,
The Moon was told to thank him for
His pleasant company.

It started well, or not too bad,
But shouting soon broke out,
The Moon got rather angry,
Throwing stardust all about.

The Sun got red and flustered,
And really rather hot,
He stamped on Mars a few times
Whilst swearing quite a lot.

Look we need a plan” they said,
Once they both sat down,
“Can we both just start together,
Follow each around?”.

Like a sort of relay?”
Asked the Moon, in careful tone.
We’d both set off together,
But from a different Zone?”.

The Sun said “Even better,
We can both keep on the move,
You know, I didn’t think of that”
What a team we’ll prove”.

And so it is, and always was,
The Sun wakes in the East,
The Moon sleeps after sailing West,
To keep the peace at least.

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