The Musing Spell (good magic)

Backwards forwards,
Up and Down,
Inside out
In a warlocks gown,

Crafted by wizards,
with rhyming and song,
In ivory towers
where dragons belong.

Higher lower,
Spinning round,
Magic musing
Must be found.

Poetry potions,
For falling in love,
Or sailing on words
Seen floating above.

In out,
In cooling air,
One last jump,
and then we’re there.

For moments when everything
falls from the sky,
A muse will amuse,
And the world will get by.

And here he is!
That loveable muse
What does he look like?
You can now choose.

How will you dress him?
What does he wear?
Has he an overcoat
or underwear?

Should you dye his hair orange?
Or paint his hands blue?
You can decide now,
Is all up to you! 

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