Pussykins the Spy Cat

Pussykins the spy cat,
Was not like any other,
She spent her time, fighting crime,
And often undercover.

She sometime wore false whiskers,
Or changed her coat to white,
But mostly she had snowy paws
With fur as black as night.

Her missions sent her round the world,
She was a travelling cat,
Who snook on planes, boats and trains,
But never paid for that.

Pussykins the spy cat
Often worked for the prime minister,
On foreign shores, and on all paws,
Anything that was sinister.

It was said she had at least nine lives,
But eight had been and gone,
Yet Pussykins was sharp as knives,
She knew just when to run.

Where she is now, I cannot say,
And you must never learn,
But if the country needs her back,
Pussykins will return.

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