Our Day at the Zoo

What a smashing day we had,
We all went to the zoo!
Grandad dropped his false teeth
In a pile of zebra poo

Uncle Harry’s camera phone
Was new and really funky
But then he went and let it get
Stolen by a monkey.

Harry was beside himself,
His face was red with rage,
So the monkey put the picture
On our family Facebook page.

Over in the reptile house,
Gran was feeling queasy,
A snake slid up and winked at her
And made her feel uneasy.

Daddy sat down for a while,
He said he needed rest,
But a spider came and bit his arm,
For sitting on her nest.

We went to see the penguins,
Swimming round their pool
Daisy went and jumped straight in,
So I jumped in there too.

We really liked the zoo that day,
I want to go back there,
But mummy says we’re banned for life
Which I don’t think is fair!

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