Just Jill

Here’s Jill, Just Jill,
Sitting by the window sill,
Staring out into the rain,
“Oh no!” she cried, “its rain again”.

She heard her mum from upstairs shout
“get your coat and let’s go out,
I’ve got to go to the library,
So you can come along with me”.
Raincoats on, they set off splashing,
wind and rain and storm clouds crashing,
But even though Jill’s feet got wet,
She wasn’t really that upset,

Jill enjoyed the library,
A bookshop where the books were free.
She found a book called Island Sun,
With palm trees, dolphins, lots of fun.
The lady stamped her library card,
They set off home, still raining hard.
Later, after lunchtime feeding,
Jill began her story reading.

Later still, mum came to say,
“I’m sorry for that soggy day”.
Jill said she’d had a lovely time,
Inside a book of warm sunshine.
She’d been a thousand miles away,
with dolphins, palm trees, all that day.
“It was fun to bookshop borrow,
So can we go again tomorrow? ”

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