I Want Doesn’t Get!

I want to have an ipad,
I really really do.
Mummy’s got one, it’s not fair,
I need to have one too.

It’s not like they’re expensive,
And think of how I’ll use it,
I’ll make at least a million pounds,
Go on let me choose it.

Are you saying I can’t have one?
That is very mean,
Buy me one this minute,
Or I’ll scream and scream and scream.

Look, let’s all be reasonable,
I’ve got some pocket money,
I’ll do the dishes for a week,
Just get me one please mummy.

I didn’t really want one,
I want a horse instead,
If Daddy doesn’t get me one,
I might as well be dead.

I’ll settle for a pony,
And a saddle and a hat,
Perhaps I need a stable too,
Now go, just get me that!

Thinking more about it,
I want to have a car,
I know I cannot drive it yet,
But mummy, be a star?

It has to be a shiny one,
It better be brand new
‘Cos when I get my ipad
I’ll need wifi in there too.

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